Me and my HSCT

5 months back from The Philippines Update

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I have not done a good job updating my blog so I do apologize about that. I have so much to say about the experience, but even more to say about what life has been teaching me in the last year. I hope to publish a book in the near future. Stay tuned. I have been home for 5 months from Manila. I have only positive things to say about my time in Manila. Dr. Lopez and the staff at Makati Medical are amazing. I felt very well taken care of by all of the doctors and nurses involved. The people I encountered around Manila were helpful and kind. The one hard part is the internet service can be...

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Philippines News

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So we were able to make flight arrangements for Bettye and I to head out on January 1 2016. I am calling it NEW YEAR/NEW LEGS!! I am thrilled beyond measure at the chance to stop the progression of this monster, and work on rebuilding the strength, balance and agility in this body. I thank my friend Bettye for making the very large commitment to come with me to The Philippines. She is putting her life on hold to help take care of me for an entire month. She hates shots and has gone as far as to get herself immunized for a few diseases for the trip. Like I said we have a 25 year beautiful...

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November was a very busy month of benefits EVERY weekend!

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November 1st was Austin Keep Gina Walking It was a great turnout with lots of barbecue, an incredible silent auction, a live band. Tons of friends and family from all over. The live band was a classic rock band called Nickle Plated. They were fantastic. November 8th was Houston Keep Gina Walking at The Last Concert Cafe. Lots of great music, Tex Mex, silent auction. To end the evening we had the pleasure of Eric Tessmer Live!! An impromptu evening the next Sunday at Last Concert Cafe was hosted by Where the Girls Are. A wonderful group of musicians that play there monthly to benefit a cause...

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The journey begins…

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I first of all want to thank my sweet boy Dylan. Without him I am not sure when I would have found out about HSCT. My mission is to share this good news with many more that are dealing with auto immune conditions. This exact stem cell transplant is being performed successfully all over the world and here in the US, just not FDA approved YET. I did not fit the criteria for the trial here, where it is expected to be approved in 2022. I am hoping to point many in the right direction to better health if they choose this option. I have been booked to go to Manila in the Philippines in January of...

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