The journey begins…

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I first of all want to thank my sweet boy Dylan. Without him I am not sure when I would have found out about HSCT.

My mission is to share this good news with many more that are dealing with auto immune conditions. This exact stem cell transplant is being performed successfully all over the world and here in the US, just not FDA approved YET. I did not fit the criteria for the trial here, where it is expected to be approved in 2022. I am hoping to point many in the right direction to better health if they choose this option.

I have been booked to go to Manila in the Philippines in January of 2016. My longtime friend Bettye is coming along to assist in the care taker role. We have had years of experiences together, this promises to be another with many lessons along the way..

My fundraising campaign has begun. I have such great family and friends pitching in to help. I get by with alot of help from my friends:) We have a couple of fun events scheduled. I welcome prayers and good thoughts on it being a success. The goal is $65,000.

My new word for how I am feeling right now is Scappy, (Scared and Happy) to know my MS will be halted through HSCT.

Oh, and I am new to blogging, it should only get better.


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