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So we were able to make flight arrangements for Bettye and I to head out on January 1 2016.

I am calling it NEW YEAR/NEW LEGS!!

I am thrilled beyond measure at the chance to stop the progression of this monster, and work on rebuilding the strength, balance and agility in this body.

I thank my friend Bettye for making the very large commitment to come with me to The Philippines. She is putting her life on hold to help take care of me for an entire month. She hates shots and has gone as far as to get herself immunized for a few diseases for the trip. Like I said we have a 25 year beautiful history together so I guess you can call this a golden friendship anniversary gift to ourselves:)

We were also blessed to receive a round trip airline ticket for Randy to come for the last 2 weeks of my stay and help get me home. An old friend of mine I worked with at the Hofbrau in the early 1980s was the very generous donor of this gift. Thanks so much Karlotta Aartzt!

I have many other good things to update and will do that soon.

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